Project Whitewash Revisit

I've been trying to figure out a suitable pipeline for this project, one that I hope to utilize in future works as well. The fact is, I hadn't planned enough how I was going to light the scene and that affected some of the decision I made with the architecture as a whole. Looking back on it now, those shapes are just flat and boring with only the door and a some texture work to add a couple of interest. And though I could litter the place with props, containers and wires and stuff, the core design has just lost its steam

As a result, the whole scene ended up looking dull because the base form itself is dull. I comprised design for the sake of trying to maintain a modular workflow with less geo and that hurt the project as a whole.

Coming to terms with this, I have decided to revise the entire design but keep some of the existing assets such as decals, materials and a couple of textures for use. One good thing that has come out of it so far is that I've been able to establish a base project structure and material setup which I can incorporate into future projects. So at least, a lot of the material work and figuring that stuff out is done.

Part of this new workflow is using BSP Brushes and while I have some major gripes with it, there is the benefit of being able to block out lots of really large shapes and getting a feel of what it will look like in the world. It's slow and clunky but I think I'll be able to use these meshes as templates for future projects.

Aside from that is figuring out the lighting of the scene as I've realised, this will heavily inform where a lot of cool shapes can go. A lesson I should've learned by now from past environment projects. There's a lot of stuff that still needs figuring out but I have a rough general idea on what some of those shapes might look like and what function they serve.

Conceptually, Project Whitewash was always meant to be about being caught in a "safe zone" between two dark places. It's like, you know there's danger ahead and the only way to go is forward because the alternate is much worse.

I think I've figured out the lighting for now. The next step will be to define some of those shapes a little more and figuring how stuff works. But that said, I'm feeling much more optimistic about this new direction.