Update: Project Whitewash

Started to detail the frames. I'm happy with how it's progressing as I was trying to solve how the large  pipes would feed across through the other side. For the smaller one's, I'm thinking some sort of attachments to the frame would work as I don't want to have too many of these pipes looping out and back in.

 The monitors however are now tucked away behind. I think some sort of retractable arm would be nice. Kinda like one of those Ergotron arms. Also, I've added a little culvert of sorts to the ground. The idea initially was to add a grate but I've decided I'll add those on either ends instead.

This little piece could act as a sort of platform for accessing a hidden power source or backup power cells. Though I'm noticing now that the emissive piece is a bit difficult to see. I'll probably either extend it or change the design a little.

Next thing I'll probably work on is the little skirting's on either side and designing the hull a little bit more.