Perspective Madness

Week one of Introduction to Perspective is coming to a close. I love perspective! This is a little different to how I learnt perspective in the past in that we're taught how to plot an ellipse in order to get the perfect square/cube. In the past, I had mainly just winged it and hope for the best but these new set of tools will definitely help improve my accuracy and relying less on free-forming.  


We were also asked to gather reference material for architecture that we'd like to draw for a 1-pt or 2-pt perspective scene. This was quite challenging for me as I love all different kinds of architecture. So I decided to add a few different schools, including Japanese, Roman and Scandinavian. I'm sure they won't mind though. I'm guessing however that we'll only be tasked to design 1 scene but I'm keeping my options open for now. There'll be time to change the reference if they request it of me.