Project Whitewash

Here's a little side project I'm currently working on called Project Whitewash. The goal of this is to see how much I can make out of using only 2 maps. There's a thread on Polycount by Tor Frick  where he used only a single grey packed atlas and a normal map to create a modular sci-fi building: link.  

I thought it'd be a fun experiment to try. So here we are. This was the initialy colour scheme and theme that I was going for. But something didn't feel quite right with the tone and mood. It was starting to look a bit grim.

Hence I decided to change it up quite a bit.

I'm happier with this color scheme and I think I'm going to stick with it. Currently I'm sticking in decals all over the place while I concept up some props and stuff to fill in the empty space. I'm hoping to wrap this project up soon however a I need to get started on the Polycount Throne Room contest.