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Exciting new project!

Production has started on the major game assignment at class. I've chosen to pursue my own project alongside assisting several other teams on creating assets for their respective games. The project I decided to work on is a small business venture, developing and creating resources and delivering them onto various platforms such as the Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace. 

The first stage involves testing the waters and getting a feel for the pipeline. Most of the legal side of things have already been established. That part of the plan though is pretty much complete. However, there are some matters for which I am still waiting confirmation for.

The ultimate goal is to create a bundle of assets comprising of models, textures, shaders and particle systems based around a fantasy environment. Upon advice, the pack will be released in stages, consisting of several smaller individual packs. 

To that end, the first pack will be a small texture pack with 3 tileable textures. Once that's done, the next stage will be a rock pack. Though relatively small (roughly 10-15 models), the project will still be significantly larger that the texture pack and will take more time.

Currently though I'm a little bit behind so this week I'm playing catch up. The worst case scenario is that I've over scoped and I won't release the entire bundle in time. That said, I still aim to have a few packs up by mid October.

Here's some of the early rock concepts

And some color swatches for style exploration