Weekly Asset #1

I'm considering trying something that I think will be very beneficial for me. Right now I'm currently halfway through writing up a tutorial for a class assignment. I decided to showcase my own workflow of creating an asset from scratch. I have just finished sculpting in the details and ready to start prepping the various maps. Right now I'm considering whether or not to use polypaint and bake out a basic color map that way or to just proceed with a more traditional approach. 

To get back onto the main topic, creating this asset has been rather beneficial for me so far. I'm slowly working through a very specific workflow and really nailing down, some of the key issues with my pipeline at the moment.

I'm considering turning this into a weekly thing where instead of just working on one large project, I'll work on one small individual asset per week and try to get it as polished and refined as I possibly can. Currently I have a rather long backlog of side projects to return to but I think just being able to see a polished asset come to fruition will be a strong motivator. I will still work on those larger to medium sizes projects but they will simply take a little longer to complete.

Working on one small asset at a time will give me the opportunity to increase my speed by limiting myself to a certain timeframe. This way, it will force me to find new ways and methods of working efficiently yet try to maintain a high quality of standard. The trick will be determining how much of a timeframe to allow so that other activities and projects get an equal amount of attention. Once I work that out, I'll post an update though I feel like it should be no more than 2 days.

Here's the result of the sculpt from tonight. Onwards and upwards to baking!